What We Do

Our Services

  • Portfolio Decision Making
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Board Facilitation
  • Joint Venture Support
  • Climate Change Strategy
  • Asset Strategy
  • Area Decisions
  • Industry Collaboration
  • Al and Digitalisation Strategy
  • Exploration Strategy
  • R&D Decisions
  • Forecasting and Scenario Analysis
  • External Stakeholder Strategy

What We Do

We use world-class facilitation, decision analytics and machine learning, and a deep understanding of decision psychology to unlock progress on strategic decisions. Mostly, we’re asked to support in situations where several different parties need to reach agreement.

We help clients with difficult decisions. We examine their issues with an external point of view and identify what’s critical.

Having clearer choices and conversations that matter helps clients to reach quality decisions. And make the most of their opportunities.

What Our Clients Say

“Working with StrategicFit has been a very collaborative and positive experience.”

UK Decision Analysis Lead, National Oil Company

“I can certainly vouch for the integrated decision analysis, facilitation, advice and problem-solving services that StrategicFit provides.”

VP Exploration & Appraisal, Europe & Africa

“It takes weeks for us to do a what-if, yet it takes seconds with one of StrategicFit’s tools.”

Client Lead, Super-major

“StrategicFit’s knowledge of sub-surface, commercial, operational and development considerations in both oil and gas arenas is strong.”

VP Exploration & Appraisal, Europe & Africa

“You used decision quality to see where stakeholders stood.  It created a feeling that this was not just a formality, but recognised each company had a valid perspective that we needed to hear.”

ExxonMobil International, John Chaplin Chairman & Production Director

“StrategicFit’s knowledge and insight into subsurface and the market-place, alongside their facilitations skills, helped us frame different challenges and address them in a very professional manner.”

Head of Subsurface and Exploration, Norway

“Basin Insights, is a very effective tool for interrogating large volumes of regional data (e.g. well counts, success curves, play statistics etc) to gain a rapid overview of exploration performance within a basin.”

Nexen CNOOC Ltd, Martin Jakubowski, West Africa Exploration Manager