UKCS Relinquishment Report data, all in one place: 2016 Update


We’ve recently updated our Relinquishment Tool to include the latest Summer 2016 relinquishment releases.

The tool brings together and standardises a wide range of valuable data from all published UKCS offshore licence relinquishment reports. As well as providing details on all partial and complete relinquishments offshore UKCS, our easy-to-use excel-based interactive dashboards help companies interrogate the data, improve their understanding and support strategic business decisions.

Following our update, the report now contains:

  • All ~ 1600 partial and complete licence relinquishments from Jan 2006 – June 2016
  • ~ 650 reports with up to 200 possible data entries per report, including reason for relinquishment, work programme details and prospectivity evaluation
  • ~ 1000 prospectivity evaluation entries with details on estimated volumes, geological chance of success, key risk, trap type and other petroleum system components where available.

There’s a range of insights the tool can help with. For example:

  • In improving the geological understanding in different areas. What prospectivity did other companies see, what was targeted, how attractive was it and what were the key risks?
  • In helping identify potential opportunities that may have been missed previously. Why was the acreage relinquished – was it due to a lack of funding, logistical constraints, or a lack of target maturity?
  • In pulling out trends across and for individual companies. How often is acreage relinquished and where? What vintage and quality of data and evaluation are decisions based on?

For more information about how our dashboards could help you, contact Jana Rieck