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Clare Turner


Clare has nearly twenty years’ consulting experience with clients across the pharmaceuticals, financial services, oil and gas, electronics, media and automotive manufacturing industries.

Clare specialises in decision analysis and portfolio evaluation. Clare has a BA in Engineering Science from Oxford University and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, USA.


  • Helping a US-based energy services company evaluate its portfolio of technologies and decide how to focus future investment.
  • Facilitating three cross-functional teams for a global pharmaceutical company to evaluate strategic options for three compounds, feeding into an analysis of the whole development portfolio.
  • Advising the remuneration committee of a multinational oil company about performance measures and targets for their executive committee’s incentive package, and communicating the incentive design to investors.
  • Delivering training courses (in-house and to clients) on decision analysis and facilitation skills.
  • Conducting client strategy workshops and brainstorming sessions.