18 months on: How has the deal landscape in Africa changed?


In Autumn 2014, we ran our first series of Roundtable events. These focused on the Oil & Gas Industry in Africa.

18 months on, we thought it was a good opportunity to look back at, and reflect on, the discussions. In the first of these follow ups, we look back at our Roundtable on deal-making, which asked ‘How can deals in sub-Saharan Africa unlock opportunities that work for all players?


Our key findings included:

  • The conclusions that we came up with at the date of the Roundtable are mainly still valid
  • The main driver behind the fall in deal activity appears to be a significant difference in buyer-seller price assumptions
  • Respondents think activity appears to be picking back up to the levels we saw in 2014
  • It seems as if parties are becoming more realistic about deal content and value