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UKCS Relinquishment Report data, all in one place: 2016 Update

We’ve recently updated our Relinquishment Tool to include the latest Summer 2016 relinquishment releases. The tool brings together and standardises a wide range of valuable data from all published UKCS offshore licence relinquishment reports. As well as providing details on all partial and complete relinquishments offshore UKCS, our easy-to-use excel-based interactive dashboards help companies interrogate […]

StrategicFit present at Finding Petroleum Exploration Conference on New Exploration Ideas

This month one of our Principals, Andrew Lodge, chaired a Finding Petroleum event titled Finding New Exploration Ideas.  Andrew started the day by providing a summary of recent trends in exploration, and what the industry may need to regain interest in exploration. He noted that high price environments have led to bold frontier exploration, and some large volumes. […]

Treating Climate Change as a business issue

StrategicFit has conducted a series of three roundtable discussions with senior leaders and climate change advisors from around 50 companies, including several thought leaders in this space. This article seeks to introduce a useful framework for thinking about climate strategy, building on insights from these sessions. This might be especially helpful in identifying strategic gaps. […]

Mobility scenarios help make sense of an uncertain future

Scenarios help test the robustness of strategy against long term outcomes There are many disruptions coming in the automotive sector. Not just with electric drivetrains and autonomous driving, but also with different vehicle ownership models and changes to the whole way we stay “mobile”. We broadly discuss decision making in the face of this uncertainty […]

StrategicFit interviewed by the Oil & Gas Journal for a special report on Offshore Europe

The Oil and Gas Journal (OGJ) feature a special report on Offshore Europe in the August 2016 issue. Exploration Editor Tayvis Dunahoe asked StrategicFit to provide some expert input for his editorial. Tayvis got our thoughts on a number of topics, including; the difference between Europe and other offshore regions, how Europe is faring in […]

Decision Quality can offer competitive advantage in the Auto Sector

Nobody knows what’s around the next corner The automotive sector is facing a lot of disruption. And disruption leads to uncertainty. Who knows how quickly new entrants can capture market share? When will technology and legislation enable mass-market fully-autonomous driving? And will consumers embrace non-ICE drivetrain technologies? But businesses still need to take strategic decisions […]

Betting big: making large-scale battery plant investment decisions with confidence

The battery market is facing a number of potentially dynamic changes. Forecasts show a step-change in demand, largely driven by the growth of the electric-vehicle market. In expectation new entrants, including several OEMs, have announced their intention to invest in large-scale production. Investments are likely to be high to take advantage of economies of scale. But […]

Sources of Revenue from new Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) Technology

This article was written by Olivier Paturet, independent consultant on e-mobility services and formerly head of Nissan’s Zero Emission strategy. Originally posted on LinkedIn on 15th Aug 2016.   Parking Operators can earn up to £2,200 per EV parking space with new Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) Technology. Leading UK Strategy Firm StrategicFit unveils a new source of revenue for […]

Cost-Cutting Not Enough to Hit IOC Growth Target

This article was originally published in Vol 114, Issue 8 of the Oil & Gas Journal, 1/8/2016   IOCs are responding to the decline in oil price by focusing on cutting costs, aiming to deliver more while spending less. Company filings show that recently set production growth targets and capital budgets will require costs to […]

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