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Ed Shires

Senior Consultant

Ed is a Senior Associate at StrategicFit. He has consulting experience in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry, and previous experience in the science and environmental sectors through his MSci in Chemistry and work at Johnson Matthey.
Examples of his work include:

  • Supporting a range of companies develop growth strategies. This involved creating a company understanding of goals, criteria and constraints, and finding opportunities which fit with this ambition.
  • Helping a large international company with global portfolio management process improvement.
  • Evaluating appraisal strategies and development concepts for a UKCS discovery, working closely with subsurface, development and commercial teams to structure evaluation and perform economics. The insights from this demonstrated the value upsides and risks of different alternatives.
  • Leading several look-back studies on exploration in the UK and West Africa, developing historical insights to form the basis for forward-looking exploration strategies.
  • Winner of the Best Poster competition at the 2017 Future Powertrain Conference.

Ed holds an MSci in Chemistry from the University of Bristol. Ed has also guest lectured at University College London on Decision Analysis as part of their MSc Management programs.