What are the posters?

StrategicFit produce a series of electronic posters summarising oil & gas licence awards and relinquishment.

We currently create these for the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Our posters are published within a few days of licence award announcements for the APA and Numbered Rounds in Norway, and Seaward Rounds in the UK. Our relinquishment posters are published annually. We might look to expand this to other areas in future.

Our posters display all licences awarded or relinquished for each operator or partner, arranged by location. The licence award posters also show the corresponding work obligations.

Why do we create the posters?

We find it very helpful to be able to look at licence awards and relinquishments visually. It’s useful both for spotting insights, and as a reference resource. Our clients agree and look forward to the publication of our posters each time licence awards are released.

Viewing licence awards on our posters will make it easy for you to see which companies have been successful and where. Looking at work commitments, licence types, and partnerships can give you a window into a company’s strategy.

We normally publish a reflection following our posters, summarising some of the insights we see.

Our relinquishment posters can show you where acreage has been opened up, and where companies may be changing their focus. In the UK, we also have a database of information from relinquishment reports, and have published “the Untapped Value of Relinquishment Reports” summarising some insights from this.

Download the posters here

Please click on the links below to access posters for
1. Norwegian Licensing Rounds
2. UK Licensing Rounds
3. Norwegian Licence Relinquishments
4. UK Licence Relinquishments

Licence posters are available as PDF downloads. For hard copies please get in touch with us directly under