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StrategicFit interviewed by the Oil & Gas Journal for a special report on Offshore Europe

The Oil and Gas Journal (OGJ) feature a special report on Offshore Europe in the August 2016 issue. Exploration Editor Tayvis Dunahoe asked StrategicFit to provide some expert input for his editorial. Tayvis got our thoughts on a number of topics, including; the difference between Europe and other offshore regions, how Europe is faring in […]

The Barents Sea: Considerations for potential new investors or entrants

This article was originally published in the Oil & Gas Journal, Vol 114 Issue 2, on 1st Feb 2016. The Norwegian Barents Sea is on the radar of many companies and investors. It’s the most northerly lying area on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) open for petroleum activity. Since exploration drilling commenced in 1980, approximately […]

StrategicFit supports IEA Report: Storing CO2 through Enhanced Oil Recovery

  With low oil prices and climate change high on the agenda, the oil industry is facing significant challenges.  One solution that has long been promoted by the industry is CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), to be installed in coal or gas fired power plants to generate near zero carbon electricity.  This is costly and […]

StrategicFit’s PESGB Article on UKCS Relinquishment Reports

Congratulations to our colleagues Stacey Quarles, Jana Rieck & Ed Shires, whose article has just been published in the August/September 2015 edition of the PESGB magazine. The article looks at “Optimising Understanding from UKCS Relinquishment Reports”. It explores the value of combining bodies of data to draw out new insights and support geotechnical understanding. We’ve […]

StrategicFit Roundtable Series: “How can deals in sub-Saharan Africa unlock opportunities that work for all players?”

On November 17th StrategicFit hosted its third roundtable discussion focused on oil and gas in Africa. The theme of the event was “How can deals in sub-Saharan Africa unlock opportunities that work for all players?”. The debate assessed the natural ownership of opportunities along their lifecycle, the roles of different players and the effectiveness of deal making for different types of opportunities.

UK Oil and Gas 28th Round Licencing Awards: an in-depth look into the West of Shetlands

Following the UK Government’s offer of the 28th Round Oil and Gas Licences, StrategicFit has published its Licence Award Poster. This year we have used our Basin Insights tool to focus on the West of Shetlands (WoS) and compare the latest awards to previous rounds and drilling activity in the area.

StrategicFit Roundtable Series: “Bridging the gap between small and large companies in Africa”

On September 15th StrategicFit hosted its second in a series of roundtable discussions. The theme of the event was “How to bridge the gap between small and large companies in Africa”. Our takeaway from the event was very simple; players need to work together to make the most out of this “New Generation Africa”.

StrategicFit Roundtable Series: “How to scale-up oil and gas opportunities in Africa”

On June 4th, StrategicFit hosted its first in a series of roundtable discussions for senior executives in the oil and gas industry. The theme of this event was “How to scale-up oil and gas opportunities in Africa” and in this article we share our views on the topics discussed by the delegates.

Why rely on a change in regulator?

Guy Chazan’s recent article discusses the need for a new beefed-up regulator to encourage co-operation for the UK Oil and Gas Industry. Our question is simply why wait for a change in regulator?

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